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Service /’səːvis /noun. The action of helping or doing work for someone. (Oxford English Dictionary).

18ThirtyFour is a service–oriented company, focused on enriching the tea industry, by promoting good quality tea produced in fair and ethical ways. 18ThirtyFour aims to educate consumers and producers through talks, travel, writing and consultation with new and existing tea businesses: working with the tea industry and its associates so they can provide better service, quality products, and greater professionalism.

If you have a specific requirement that you would like to discuss with David or have a specific question you would like to ask, please fill out the form below and David will be able to assist you.

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You may be looking to create an event, arrange a corporate function or facilitate training for your staff. 18ThirtyFour can help create a unique tea experience for these and more occasions.David can tailor make a tea presentation and tasting to suit most requirements. He has conducted over 150 presentations during the past few years, to a variety of groups. Some of these groups have included university, TAFE and private college students, federal and state government offices, community and cultural festivals, corporate office events and presentations to the general public. David’s presentations are tailored to suit the individual requirements of the event and its organisers, giving a unique experience to attendees.


Here are a few organisations that David has presented for:

  • The Federal Attorney General’s Office, training session.

  • Blue Mountains International Hospitality Management School, Sydney, tutorial classes to Masters Degree students .

  • Peter McInnes Pty Ltd., Regional Sales representatives meeting.

  • Body Shop, thank you and team building exercise for their NSW shop managers.

  • Country Women’s Association, educational and fund raising event.

  • University of New South Wales. Student Seminar, and UNSW Tea Society, building and educating members.

  • TressCox Lawyers, guest speaker & tea tastings – International Women’s Day events.

  • Westfield Shopping Centre’s, fashion promotions.

  • TAFE NSW, hospitality student’s education and presentation of an event.

  • NSW Health, celebrations at Sydney Hospital.


Do you have an event where you think tea may enhance the experience for your attendees?

Are you about to embark on a tea related business or do you or your staff need tea training, to build your sales and present a more professional approach to your customers?

Do you think that one of David’s tea talks may be just the edge your function needs?

Contact 18ThirtyFour now, and see how David can help.



18ThirtyFour is pleased to offer expert, professional advice on tea; which tea to serve, who the tea should come from, how to correctly serve tea, staff training on tea, what equipment is required for tea – these are just a few areas in which 18ThirtyFour provides consultancy.


At 18ThirtyFour, we can create a bespoke solution for your tea consultancy needs.With over four decades of professional experience in the hospitality and tea industries, David Lyons has the knowledge, experience, and above all the passion to sit down and discuss your business with you.Whether you’re considering a new business or have an existing business in tea retail, tearooms/café, restaurant, or hotel, need assistance in selecting teas for a menu or; creating a high tea service, or arranging a tea selection for a corporate environment; David’s background allows him to use his knowledge of fine dining restaurants, expertise of fine leaf teas from around the world and his professional understanding of small business management to provide the best experience possible.

  • What are my expectations, and what do I hope to achieve by employing a consultant?

  • Does this consultant bring with them expertise, experience, and knowledge of the given subject?

  • Can this consultant tailor their skills to suit my business, or are they offering a one solution fits all?

  • Will this consultant help maximize the business potential and performance of my business?


Once you have answered these questions for yourself, then contact David at 18ThirtyFour to see how he can help you achieve the answers and help you create your tea experience.



18ThirtyFour promotes teas and tea related products, which we have confidence, trust, and belief in. We taste, test and where possible, trace back the origins of the products or services we promote. 18ThirtyFour aims to create public and industry awareness of such products through presentations, and through editorial contributions.


Being associated with quality products certainly makes the job of promoting them a lot easier, and this first product most certainly fits that category. 18ThirtyFour is not only proud to be associated with and promote these teapots but we actually use them at our tea talks, tastings and presentations.

Zero Japan was born out of a dream of founder and company president Koji Inoue. His dream was to create his own range of teapots which blended function with creative expression, while still keeping tradition close to his heart. A striking feature of the Zero Japan teapots is their stainless steel lids, which Koji actually designed for his mother after she accidentally broke the lid of her favourite teapot and could not replace it.

These handcrafted teapots are made to the highest standards, including hand carved spouts, “bisque firing” at 800oC for six hours, and the glazing process is supervised by artisans with over 25 years’- experience. Even the basket infuser is purposefully designed without folds, preventing tea leaves from getting stuck, and is shallow enough to sit; above the water line after the first cup is poured, to prevent over brewing. The array of colours and finishes available in the Zero Japan teapots is unparalleled in the teapot market. Today Koji’s dream is realised in these artisan-crafted pieces, creating great pride in the members of the Zero Japan team.

Zero Japan teapots are created with functionality and design in a range of colours, which compliment any household, restaurant, hotel, café or board room. Don’t be fooled by copies in the market place – insist on the quality and craftsmanship of a Zero Japan teapot.

18ThirtyFour would be pleased to advise you regarding this product and offer firsthand experience with Zero Japan teapots in a domestic and industrial environment.



Arthur blinked at the screens and felt he was missing something important. Suddenly he realized what it was. “Is there any tea on this spaceship?” he asked.

Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

​Tea is written about in many ways; from prose about everyday life to poetry about the extraordinary. Tea is, to many of us, such an integral part of life; that it’s easy to take it for granted – then there are those who use the simple act of having a cup of tea to help create a scene in our imagination from their writing. Of course, there are the endless supplies of books with tea as their subject matter, of which today collectors will pay vast sums of money for old and vintage editions.

18ThirtyFour endeavors to create interesting reading material for tea lovers and aficionados everywhere:- bringing you a variety of articles, columns, and blogs; in print and via multimedia platforms. Tea as a subject offers such a large array of areas to write about and hopefully over time we will touch on many of these areas.

If you are looking for an article, comment piece or other editorial requirement on tea, 18ThirtyFour is the ideal place to start. Contact us and let’s discuss your unique tea writing requirement.

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