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The Difficulty Of Choosing A Teapot

Choosing a teapot for yourself or as a gift can be quite a difficult decision – there’s just so many to choose from. So where do you start?

After many years of working in the hospitality industry and serving more than my fair share of teapots, I certainly have dealt with the good, the bad, and the downright ugly! From teapots that pour everywhere except into the cup, to the dribblers who love making a mess; (especially if you’re serving on linen!); to the chipped and falling apart teapots; the problem is that most of us just don’t have the time to wander around assessing the positives and negatives of each teapot. So let me help; by introducing you to my favourite teapots for everyday use:- Zero Japan. Designed and made in Japan, Zero Japan offer a range of handcrafted teapots which – in my opinion – work incredibly well.

Zero Japan was the dream of its founder and company president Koji Inoue. He wanted to create his own range of teapots which blended function with creative expression, while still keeping tradition close to his heart. The idea came to Koji; after his mother accidently broke the lid of her favourite teapot. Koji consoled her, then set about designing and creating a lid to replace the broken one. The stainless steel Zero Japan lid was born, and Koji immediately realised the functionality of his newly designed lid. At the time he was working for a Japanese porcelain manufacturer but the urge to create his own teapot compelled him to quit his job and purse his dream. He took time in designing just the right lip to the short spout, so the thin stream of hot tea would pour precisely into the cup. He also wanted an infuser basket that would cease infusion by raising the leaf above the water level after the first cup had been poured. He then turned to his local fruit and vegetable markets in Japan; for his inspiration of colours; mint, avocado, lemon, aubergine, to name just a few. All these combining elements of the pot’s design were driven by the Japanese pursuit of balance.

Koji now had the design but needed to create the team that was going to bring his dream to fruition. He put together a team of skilled artisans, some with over 25 years of experience. Today those very artisans assist Koji in maintaining the standards set out at the very beginning. Zero Japan teapots have strength, functionality and beautiful design.

But which of the Zero Japan teapots suits your needs? Always consider what you want the teapot to do; when making you’re decision. The small 350ml is perfect for one person, a standard cup and a half of tea. The 450ml with its slightly more rounded body, is my choice – I like the two sizable cups of tea it provides. The 580ml is an up sized version of the 350ml and same with the 680ml being an upsized version of the 450ml. The new Sun and Moon teapots; have that designer look in a larger teapot, the Moon being 1300ml(about 6 cups) and the Sun being 1800ml(about 8 cups) – both good sized family teapots. The new Persimmon range; sees Zero Japan moving in a slightly different direction, with a traditional loop over handle, creating a very traditionally Asian look. These new Persimmon teapots are available in two sizes; 500ml and 800ml and in a range of striking colours which can fit perfectly with a modern kitchen colour theme. Zero Japan also produce a range of complimentary creamer jugs, sugar bowls, iced tea jugs and containers, plus replacement lids and strainers if you damage or misplace yours.

To find out your nearest stockist of the Zero Japan range, pop online and go to:

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