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The Power of Tea

On the 15th and 16th November 2014, the ninth G20 summit will be held in Brisbane, Australia, bringing together heads of state from 20 major global economies. The agenda will cover economic growth; through boosting infrastructure spending, multilateral trading systems, and attempt to combating both tax avoidance and profit shifting by large international companies. However, with the recent escalations of tensions and conflict in the Ukraine, the rise of IS in the middle east, plus the spreading outbreak of ebola in Africa; these three subjects could become major discussion points at the summit.

To host such an event, the Australian Federal Government and Queensland’s State Government, will I’m sure have spent hours instigating the incredibly complicated process of security at such an event. The process of re-directing the function of your major city for a few days and reviewing all the scenarios of what could go wrong, must surely be daunting for any government. All I can offer them on those subjects, is the best of luck.

But has anyone considered; possibly, a most significant opportunity on offer?

Attending this summit will be two of the world’s most powerful men; Mr. Barrack Obama and Mr. Vladimir Putin. Both, Mr. Obama and Mr. Putin are great tea drinkers and both enjoy a good cup of tea. This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to get them both together over a pot of tea and do what we do best while drinking tea – talk!

Please don’t think I’m trying to make light, of what are major issues facing our world, but as tea lovers we all know what great things a cup of tea and a chat can achieve.

Mr. Obama, according to the Boston Globe newspaper, enjoys a number of teas – in particular a “Black Forest Berry Tea”, whereas it’s a little more difficult to trace Mr. Putin’s particular favoured brew. Mr. Putin has been putting a lot of focus on locally grown Russian teas in general, and supporting producers through central government assistance.

So; let’s hope that one of the organisers of the 2014 G20 Australian Summit, or one of the government advisors of our Federal or Queensland State Governments, don’t overlook the responsiblity that sits heavily on their shoulders to instigate; that pot of tea. This could be one of those moments in history when tea becomes a major player in creating history.

Barrack and Vladimir I do hope you get to enjoy that pot of tea!

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